Whole 30 week 3 recap: visible collarbone, expensive groceries and a new normal



Happy Birthday to me. It’s day 24 on the whole 30 and it just happens to be my birthday. And cake is the last thing I want and I’ve let hubby know before he goes and buys my favourite from the Cheesecake shop.

This has been the easiest week so far. It’s no secret that I’m loving this week more. The whole 30 lifestyle is becoming a new normal for me, I don’t feel restricted anymore. I’m no longer constantly thinking about what to eat. It’s now easy to throw meals together with no fuss. It’s got me thinking and reading up on the paleo diet and it really doesn’t seem as bad as I thought. I know it’s bizarre coming from the queen of everything in moderation. But listen, the paleo diet goes beyond restriction of certain food groups. It’s about eating real food, nourishing your body with nutrition dense food that make you feel your best. And that’s what healthy eating is all about, choosing what works for you. What that looks like for me might be very different from what it looks like for you. Healthy eating isn’t a one size fits all.

Cravings are gone, hooray. I’m amazed at how my cravings for sugar and carbs have completely disappeared. I don’t miss a thing. The whole 30 has really proved that I can live without sugar, dairy and carbs. I can now watch my husband eat all the off-limit foods without feeling envious.

I’ve turned into a big meat eater. I don’t usually eat a lot of meat in fact I hate it, but I have eaten way to much of it on this program and really enjoyed it. I don’t really know how I feel about that, I have just been eating it without paying much attention. I can’t exactly live on vegetables so I’ve just kinda ran with it. It’s been mostly chicken and salmon with some minced beef. I haven’t had any issues, but I don’t know how you can go from hating meat to eating quite a lot of it. You know what I mean? It doesn’t really matter but it’s kinda bugging me a little bit. Oh well, I will get over it soon enough.


I feel amazing and I have bountiful energy. I look and feel slimmer, my clothes are getting loose and my skin is much clearer. After 15 long months, I can finally see my collar-bone. I think collar-bones are sexy, don’t you? I have also exercised more this week than I did in week one and two and I’m slowly getting my fitness back.

My husband wants in. He’s starting to warm up to the idea of doing the whole 30 but he said he needs more time to mentally prepare for it. I don’t like to be pessimistic but if he decides to give it a go I don’t think he will last a day. Trust me, if you knew his love for rice and bread, you would totally agree with me.

I’m finding the whole 30 expensive. The cost of our groceries have gone up significantly, it’s ridiculous. I certainly can’t afford this lifestyle of fresh produce and protein. I didn’t do much planning at the beginning, and I didn’t at all consider the cost of the whole 30 approved food. I just jumped straight into it, and now our grocery budget has almost doubled. Meat and fish is expensive, fresh produce is expensive, nuts and seeds are expensive, everything on the whole 30 approved list is expensive. A small jar of almond butter is $8, and don’t get me started on coconut yoghurt.


Week four preparation. I’m more prepared for week four. The focus was to try and make it more budget friendly, and go for simple meals. I tend to buy every vegetable in the shop but what can I say, I love variety even though it’s costly. So for week four, I only bought three different vegetables in bulk to last us all week. I also did the same with meat and fruits. And instead of buying four different nuts, I only bought two. I also made some almond milk and kefir to use in place of yoghurt. Simple changes, but they sure made a huge difference. I guess it’s all about shopping smarter, obviously something I need to work on.

That’s pretty much it for week three. I’m thinking of doing another round straight after this one but more of that next week.



  1. Rudo says:

    Now am loving this life style though I am in sec week,craving for snacking are disappearing n am enjoying

    1. Yeukai says:

      Thank you for your comment Rudo. I have learnt that anyone can live without certain foods, and the best part of whole30 is that you learn to love better foods.

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