Whole 30 – Week 2 recap (Day 16)



I’m halfway through my whole 30. Hooray!

With my love for all things food, I honestly didn’t think I would make it this far. I’m enjoying the whole 30 quite a bit, more than I thought I would. I think a big part of that is due to the way it’s making me feel. Less bloating, more energised and sleeping like a husband. I won’t go as far as saying I’m going Paleo after the whole 30 but what I will say is I will be reducing the amount of carbs and dairy I eat.

Week two has had it’s good and bad days but it definitely wasn’t as hard as week one. I think my meal planning made it slightly easier because I knew what I was eating at all times, leaving no room for temptations. I didn’t really have super cravings for anything, except for sugar which is bizzare because I don’t normally use that much sugar. I only use a little honey to sweeten my tea or drizzle over yoghurt and porridge. So I don’t know where all these sugar cravings are coming from, maybe it’s all in the head because it’s off limit. However, I hope the cravings do subside soon because there’s a tub of ice-cream in the fridge with my name written all over it in capital letters.

I’ve been tempted to weigh myself, but after the move I have no idea where the scale is. I fear that I may be gaining weight instead of loosing. I know I didn’t go into this with the goal of weight-loss; I chose to do it so I could give my system a cleanse and shake up my eating habits. But you know how hard it is to break old habits. It shouldn’t matter whether I’m losing or gaining as long as I feel great. Right? Well, that’s what I think but sometimes it’s hard to silence that voice in your head telling you otherwise. The struggle is real but here’s to building healthy relationships with food and our bodies.


Did I mention that I’m becoming quite the chef in the kitchen thanks to the whole 30. I’ve become more creative with my meals, it’s amazing what delicious and flavourful meals you can create on the whole 30. I’ve been venturing out of my comfort zone and trying new foods and using different spices. Last week, I got sick of eggs, red meat and poultry so this week I’ve eaten more seafood. I’m not a big seafood fan, but I have enjoyed salmon.

I really miss my food freedom, being able to eat what I want when I want without any restrictions. I’m finding that on this challenge, I’m constantly thinking about food and I don’t like food taking over my thoughts that much. I’m always thinking about what I can eat, looking up new recipes on pinterest, cooking, chopping vegetables, and meal planning. I find comfort in the fact that this is only temporary, because it shouldn’t be this time and thought consuming to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for stopping by, I will keep you updated on week three and four. Have a great week!







  1. Rudo says:

    Wow,your foods are yummy,easy to prepare in less time,I love,

    1. Yeukai says:

      Bless you lovely.

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