WHOLE 30: I survived week 1

Hooray! I survived week 1.


I had forgotten how much I hate dieting. I really, really do hate it. I love the freedom of eating what I want when I want and not being restricted.

The authors of the whole30 say that day 8-15 are the hardest and you feel like going back to your old habits. But for me with any other diet I’ve done, the first 3 days are the hardest. Once I get through them, I know I’m going to make it. I struggled the first few days of whole30, I had severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings. All I wanted was a little bit of sugar and lots of carbs and greek yoghurt. I don’t normally eat a lot of carbs and sugar, but there’s something torturous about being denied something and watching others enjoy it.

I also felt extremely exhausted, and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that I also started the Insanity program the same time. Insanity on whole30 isn’t the perfect combination, so I might need to put it on hold until I finish the whole30. I’ve also been walking a lot with the kids, taking advantage of the beautiful weather we have had lately in Melbourne. Towards the end of the week, the withdrawal symptoms and cravings subsided and I felt amazing. I’m loving my unbloated tummy, it feels good.


Insights from week 1

  • Plan and prepare: I’ve learnt that on this program meal planning is crucial if you are to be successful. I normally decide what to cook on the day, but that’s not working very well for me on the whole30. I have learnt my lesson, and I’m more prepared for week 2.
  • Increase portion size at meal times: I didn’t eat enough at meal times during week 1 which resulted in me feeling hungry and snacking a lot on nuts and fruits. So this week I have decided to increase my portion size.
  • Mindfulness: The whole30 teaches you the beautiful art of mindfulness. I’m learning to be mindful of what I eat since I can’t easily reach for the easiest or readily available thing. I have to plan and think about what to eat ahead of time to avoid mindless snacking.
  • I’m so over eggs, i can’t stand them anymore. I overloaded up on them last week because they are simple, versatile, filling and protein packed. So you will see that my meals for this week will have less eggs especially for breakfast.
  • Sleep: I have noticed that I’m sleeping much better. I normally struggle to sleep before midnight but lately I have been hitting the sack by 10pm .
  • Accidental cheats do exist: I accidentally cheated on day 5, yes accidentally it wasn’t at all planned. I took a bite from my son’s peanut butter sandwich without realising what I was doing and I experienced a bad case of bloating. So if you accidentally cheat just take it as a lesson to be more mindful.

Overall, week 1 was good and I’m all pumped up for week 2. I’m still waiting for that increased energy levels that this program promises, with two little people that keep me on my feet all day I do need it.

Some of my meals, at a glance.

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If you are doing the whole30, I would love to know how you are going so leave a comment below.