Mashed pumpkin with Peanut Butter (Nhopi)

Nhopi is a traditional Zimbabwean dish that is made by combining cooked pumpkin and peanut butter together. It is often served for breakfast or as a snack. If you haven’t had pumpkin with peanut butter, you are truly missing out. I loved it when my grandmother used to make it.  I added a little cinnamon to this recipe and my goodness it was ridiculously good. My kids couldn’t get enough of it.


I then went on to experiment with adding this concoction to cooked oatmeal. Oh my, pumpkin bowl of deliciousness.



1 pumpkin/butternut (peeled, deseeded and cubed)
2 Tablespoon peanut butter
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Salt to taste


Boil, steam, bake, or microwave the peeled and cubed pumpkin until very tender. It doesn’t matter how you cook them as long as the end result is tender pumpkin.

Transfer to a bowl, add the peanut butter and mash it all up until smooth.

Serve with some yoghurt and nuts or add it to cooked oatmeal.