How To Brew Coconut Water Kombucha (Without Tea)

Do you love coconut water? And kombucha? Did you know you can combine the two to make coconut water kombucha without tea? It’s the best fermented drink I have ever had. It’s deliciously refreshing, fizzy with a mild coconut flavour. 

You know that I love fermented foods! I eat them almost daily to nourish my body. Fermented foods are chock-full of probiotics and enzymes.  They can heal your gut and keep it healthy, boost your immune system and much more.

I also love to experiment. I’m always looking for something new to ferment. It’s fun and that’s how this coconut water kombucha came about.

About a few weeks ago, I entered a competition for Cocobella and I WON. I won 3 months supply of their coconut water, one week supply of coconut yoghurt and other little bits and pieces. How bloody amazing! All I had to do was submit a recipe I created using their coconut yoghurt.

So, I had all this coconut water and I didn’t know what to do with it. I don’t actually like the taste of coconut water on it’s own. The only way I can have it is in a smoothie or fermented. I couldn’t ferment it because I didn’t have the grains or starter to make kefir. That’s when I thought of using coconut water instead of tea to brew kombucha. I have a scoby hotel so I could afford to experiment.

And it was a SUCCESS! So delicious, bubbly and refreshing. Coconut water kombucha is my new go-to fermented drink.

Important facts before we jump to the recipe.

  1. Coconut water ferments much quicker than tea based kombucha so taste it regularly until it reaches your liking. The timing will vary depending on weather, but it usually takes 4-7 days for my batches.
  2. Coconut water kombucha is more prone to mold so make sure you use enough strong starter tea and a healthy Scoby. If mold develops, throw everything away.
  3. I don’t recommend reusing the same scoby to make normal tea based kombucha but you can use it for more coconut water kombucha and other experiments.
  4. Coconut water has enough sugar for the bacteria to feed on during fermentation so you need not to add sugar.
  5. You can do a second ferment using the same method as tea based kombucha.

How To Brew Coconut Water Kombucha


  • 1 Litre coconut water
  • 1-2 cups starter (strong unflavoured kombucha)
  • 1 scoby
  • Jar


  1. Pour coconut water into a sterilised glass jar. Add the starter and scoby.
  2. Cover with a clean cloth secured with a rubber band. The cloth keeps dust, mold, and flies out.
  3. How long you let it ferment depends on the temperature. It's quite cold in Melbourne so I place my kombucha in the cupboard above my stove and my batches are ready within 4-7 days.
  4. Keep in mind that coconut water kombucha ferments faster than tea based kombucha. Taste the kombucha every couple of days from the 4th day until it reaches your preferred taste.
  5. Once the tea is fermented to your taste, transfer to glass bottles and keep refrigerated. Remember to reserve some of the kombucha for your next batch of coconut water kombucha.
  6. You can also do a second ferment (2F) using the same method as tea based kombucha.